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Homelessness from private sector on the increase

Recent statistics report an increase in homelessness applications from the private rented sector, which currently represents 13% of all housing in Scotland. Figures show an unprecedented increase of 38% in homelessness applications coming from this sector in just five years.

In light of this concerning evidence, Shelter Scotland has published a report analysing homelessness statistics from the Scottish Government which can be read in full here. Their findings suggest that youth homelessness is emerging as a growing problem, increasing at a rate of 13.7 per 1,000.

In response to these recent findings, Patrick Harvie, Green MSP said:

“These figures highlight the fact that a lack of social rented housing, and the costs involved in becoming an owner-occupier, means for many private rented housing is the only option. If we regulated it we could push out some of the worst elements, something good landlords and agencies should welcome.

“I want to see greater security of tenure, considered standard in many other countries, rather than short term leases, and we must explore measures to tackle rising rental costs. The Government also needs to act on the supply side, and build more homes.”

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