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Renting Stories: "I know so many fellow students who have been victims of appalling housing conditions"

Ruth, Glasgow

I am a student at Glasgow University and used a private landlord during 2012-2013 during which time my flatmates and I had an awful experience of HMO non-compliance, a broken washer/dryer (that was never fixed), faulty electrics and the landlord was an absolute bully. The HMO officer who was supposed to help resolve issues took the easiest route out and let the landlord off with not making repairs and was generally not willing to enforce the Repairing Standard or fire safety regulations.

The landlord threatened several times to ‘kick us out’ but each time we challenged this on account of us having in no way violated the terms of our contract. As such, his threats were empty but intimidating nonetheless. On one occasion he showed up with family members when I was in the flat alone and collectively they engaged in an attempt to intimidate me into not making any more complaints about the condition of the property. Their behaviour was so threatening that I called the police and they made a report of the incident.

At the end of our tenancy, we were not awarded our deposit back and so I took legal action against the landlord for not having registered it in a deposit scheme. My action resulted in a settlement of £5,000.

I am very glad to hear about the Rents Right campaign as I feel that renting in Glasgow is an absolute nightmare and as a student, I know so many fellow students who have been victims of appalling housing conditions that they did not challenge because they did not know their legal rights.

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