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Renting Stories: “I feel like the house I live in isn't my home”

Amy, Aberdeenshire

We currently rent a bungalow in Westhill. Although the street is lovely, we certainly have to pay for that – it was £700 a month when we moved here in February 2013, it’s now gone up to £750 a month from August. What scares me is that that is cheap for the area, there is nothing under £950 a month in westhill now, with a 2 bed flat going for £1,250 the other month!

Rent prices are increasing far too high, our income can’t cope, we both work but only have a combined income of £26k, and we still paying off a mortgage from our previous flat.

The house itself has an awful mould problem. The letting agents know but they insist it’s due to condensation and we are to just keep doing what we are doing.

mouldMy day involves cleaning the water off all the windows, moving my son’s bed from against the wall to air it and Hoover it as it’s been getting awful mould on the wall and carpet. Keeping windows open and the heating on and spraying tea tree oil on the carpets. While this doesn’t seem much it takes a lot of time, I can’t risk leaving it as it just takes a couple of days for the mould to start growing. I’m worried for my children’s health but we can’t move because of rent prices and I’m scared we’ll get charged for the stains on the carpet from the mould.

We get 3 monthly inspections. I feel like this house I live in isn’t my home, and I know it’s not as we rent, but surely we shouldn’t be made to feel like this?

I’ve got our name down for affordable housing but we’re pretty low on the list, our kids are in playgroup and nursery here, I don’t want to move towns for their education.

Private renting really is getting out of hand, the prices are rising way to high compared to income.

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